School Meals

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

School Meals

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

School Meals & Menus

All pupils have a 30 minute lunch break allocated between 12.00pm and 1.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm – Years 8 and 10 lunch
12.30pm – 1.00pm – Year 7 and Sixth Form lunch
1.00pm – 1.30pm – Years 9 and 11 lunch

School dinners are excellent here at The Blyth Academy and students are encouraged to eat food provided by us as opposed to packed lunches. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE ACADEMY DURING LUNCH.

School dinners are served on a cafeteria basis using a Cashless Catering System. This means each student has an account set up that is recognised via their fingerprint. Money is added to their fingertip account as follows:

Cash is manually inputted by your child at payment machines around the dinner hall and the pupil will then pay for their food at the till with their fingerprint.
We encourage children to learn to manage their own money and spending. However, if you would prefer to pay cash directly to the school for your child’s food, please contact the school to arrange for cash to be added to their account.

Cash paid into your child’s account will remain there until used in the canteen.

If you have applied for Free School Meals and this has been authorised, the meal allowance will automatically be added to your child’s account every day (this will not accumulate if not used). Please note that there is a maximum spend of £2.00 per day. Cash is required for additional items. Meal deals include a hot main dish and a drink or a dessert, not both.

Our skilled and experienced catering team pride themselves on their healthy lunches, which meet National Nutritional Standards.

  • Meal Deal £2.00 (main course and dessert option, no drink)
  • Slice of cheese pizza £1.10
  • Slice of meat pizza £1.40
  • Pasta options £1.10-£1.76
  • Drinks – Can be purchased a la carte and cost between 39 pence and 90 pence
  • Students can bring in water or juice to drink at lunch (no fizzy pop permitted)

The catering team offer a three week rolling menu. Menus can be found below:


The Blyth Academy is a member of the Northern Education Trust.
We constantly focus on standards as we understand outcomes are paramount. Our decision making is driven entirely by what is best for children. By doing this we enhance the life chances of the children and young people in our care.